If you’re unsure how to write an admission essay, here are some tips: – Avoid using big words. They can sound forced, and thesaurus words can detract from your overall message. Admissions officers can pick up on this easily. Instead, use words that are natural and accentuate your own voice. Take a strengths quiz or use personal stories to illustrate your natural talents. It may sound like a simple task, but it will pay off.

Highlighting your own voice

Your admission essay is a great opportunity to highlight your personality. The admission counselors want to see what sets you apart from the rest of the applicants, so it’s important to use big words sparingly and respond to the prompt in your own voice. Make sure to follow the rules of grammar, spelling, and punctuation, however. In addition to highlighting your own voice, it also helps to use a specific prompt to demonstrate your skills and interests.

Using personal stories

College admissions counselors are looking for people who have unique traits and experiences to bring to the college community. Whether you have a passion for learning or a drive to make a positive impact on the world, your essays should highlight these traits and experiences. As a writer, you have a great deal of freedom to tell a story in your essay, so you can use your voice to your advantage.

Highlighting your own natural skills

While the prompt for the admission essay asks you to discuss a certain talent or skill, don’t use it to brag. Rather, use it to highlight the importance of your talent and interest. The essay should address all parts of the prompt and demonstrate your personal qualities. In a sense, you’re writing an essay about yourself, so include all the parts of the prompt, including your goals, your career, and your personal growth.

Using a strengths quiz

When writing an admission essay, using a strengths quiz is an effective way to highlight your unique traits and natural strengths. To use this method, think of a situation where you relied on a particular strength or skill. Brainstorm examples of events in which you utilized these skills to get the desired result. Each applicant has a unique combination of strengths that are best suited for a specific writing assignment.

Avoiding topics that highlight a privileged lifestyle

For most students, presenting themselves as a privileged child has little appeal in an admission essay. While this kind of personal statement can be effective, it is also likely to receive the same reaction as one that portrays the student as a victim of circumstance. Fortunately, there are ways to make it more engaging. One example is to write about an overseas volunteer experience. Volunteering is a wonderful experience, but if you have not gone beyond this in terms of your efforts to improve the community, it is not enough.

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