Writing a song name in an essay may be challenging for both students and writers. Proper punctuation should be followed. Depending on the genre and style of composition, song names should be italicized or underlined. Listed below are some rules to remember when writing song titles:


There are some specific rules for capitalization of song names in an essay. Song titles, in particular, are considered special and should be capitalized. Song titles are sometimes composed by artists who have made up their own capitalization rules. Generally, song titles should be capitalized the way the official title appears. In addition, song titles should be capitalized if they are not written in English. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when writing about a song title.

First of all, when capitalizing a song title, you must use a proper quotation mark. You must capitalize the first and last words of the song title, except for “the” and “the.” The same goes for prepositions (as in a two-word phrasal verb).


There are two common styles of song name italicization. The MLA style is used by students in social sciences, arts and humanities classes, and in English class. This style requires song titles to be italicized, with quotation marks around them. When a song is part of an essay, it should be enclosed within quotes. If italicization is not possible, song titles should be enclosed within quotation marks.

The title of a song is italicized if it is part of the work or album. In case of a concert tour, the name of the concert is capitalized and in quotation marks. You should also italicize song names that are part of an album or tour. As far as APA style is concerned, the song title must be in quotation marks. However, the name of an artist should be in the main body of the essay.

Phrasal verbs

If you want to be able to write about a song, learn how to use phrasal verbs in your writing. This type of verb can improve your sentence structure and word choice in many situations. It is very useful to learn how to write a song name in an essay – especially when you are writing about a famous song. Here are some tips to get started:

Phrasal verbs are composed of a verb and two particles, usually an adverb and a preposition. They can either be inseparable or separable. The latter is a common example. The difference between the two types of phrasal verbs is the frequency of the two parts of the verb. For example, if you want to write a song title in an essay, you should use a separable phrasal verb.


One of the most difficult parts of the English language is learning how to use prepositions when writing a song name in your essay. Although prepositions are essential, they’re not easy to learn. English has hundreds of different kinds of prepositions. Some are used as part of verb phrases, while others are used in other parts of speech. Here’s a helpful guide to using prepositions in your essay.

When writing a song name in an essay, make sure to capitalize the first and last word in the title. While “of” is a preposition, it is only four letters long. Capitalize the rest of the words, including the prepositions. The first and last words of the song title should be capitalized. In addition, active verbs, such as “play” or “sing,” should be capitalized.

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