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What does this say about us as learners?

What does this say about us as learners?

I’ve used online collaboration with my students for years (Wiki, Moodle, now Google Docs) and for rapid feedback and ease of revision, video analysis of student generated videos for Physics, and simulation software in Physics, Astronomy, and Environmental Science, so I know what tablets/phone/laptops are capable of. All of the research that I have seen has shown what I have observed (and anyone who has ever seen Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube comments) which is that students will write shorter pieces on electronic devices, and do not re-read or revise their work. Notes taken on electronic devices are more likely to be dictation than summative, and the students spend less time reviewing or revision them.If you want to see the limitations of any electronic devices, have students try to answer a geometry word problem, draw molecules, draw a Force Diagram, draw a qualitative graph, draw a comic strip style 3-panel “before, during, after” prediction of an event, or do any mathematics beyond simple sums. The ease that those tasks can be done on pencil and paper vs. the difficulty on electronic devices is why they are better for content consumption than creation. The easiest way to do any of those tasks with a tablet is to take a video of someone doing the task on a whiteboard or sheet of paper, which rather makes my point.

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