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I agree with Sue. While the idea of personalising learning is laudable and something every educational institution should be trying to achieve, the methods School of One uses in order to realise this goal are fundamentally flawed.
This is individualised instruction, it is not personalised learning. Personalised learning requires the student to map out their own learning pathways in negotiation with their insitution / teacher. Here, it seems that an algorithm determines how a student will learn.
It seems the School of One wants to turn the learning process into a science rather than an art. As Sue says, learning is not a mechanical process. It is complicated, messy and organic. The idea that a computer can determine the ways in which an individual should learn is ludicrous. I cringed when I heard reference to learning styles and pulling out lessons to suit a so-called visual learner. Once again, learning styles are a flawed idea and yet another attempt by some educators to try and tidy up the learning process. The reality is we learn in many different ways and should continue to develop ourselves in many different ways.
There is also a reliance on data, tests and that horrible term, “instruction”.
It seems traditional notions of learning hold sway here, rather than a more progressive move to learner directed education and evidence based assessment (not grades).
Laudable ideas, but terrible implementation.

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