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Video – The biggest adventure of their lives

Wow – that just gave me goosebumps. Are we sending them in the right direction? That’s a question I think about daily.
I just spent the morning working with one of our high school teachers as she introduced her class to Diigo – finally unblocked in our district. (but that’s another story) Its been awhile since I worked with high school students. I thought they would be excited by this new tool and how it could help them organize and share information, and collaborate with each other by seeing who else in their class was tagging information the same way they were(therefore, perhaps researching something similar). What I found was compliance, going through the motions, and as soon as the students were done with the required tasks, they had their iPods and phones out and stopped what they were doing.
Perhaps it was the way the activity was introduced, or a low level of motivation toward the project they were working on – I’m not sure. But I suspect it goes deeper than that. I think they have learned to “play school.” They may have once been moving in the right direction, but somehow ended up taking the path of least resistence.

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