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Video: The anti-creativity checklist

Ideas, whether they be considered ‘new’ or ‘old’ are a matter of perspective. For people entering into education, it may be the first time they have heard of an idea. For those who have been in the field longer, it may not be something entirely new. I will always hear out the ‘new’ ideas of others, ask some questions and offer suggestions based on my own experience. When teachers get excited about something they are planning for their students, I never want to squash their enthusiasm.
Educational research, because it is often qualitative in nature, opens itself to interpretation. When I read educational literature, even from some of our most highly regarded thinkers, I always consider the context that they conducted their studies in and how such findings could apply to my own educational context. Just as you hinted at, a one-size fits all approach does not work for teachers, nor does it work for students, schools or districts for that matter.
When I speak of being aware of more effective ways of doing things I immediately think of two examples. First, there is still a fair amount of ‘stand and deliver’ teacher-centred instruction going on. This approach has its place at times, but I think it’s safe to say the majority of educators believe student-centred techniques that encourage active learning benefits students.
Another practice which received quite a bit of attention in British Columbia over the past decade at the Ministry, district and school levels is Assessment for Learning (AFL). Despite the focus and attention on AFL in so many B.C. schools, there are still educators who continue to apply practices that are discouraging and demotivating for students.
As a former Science teacher I’m happy to hear that you are incorporating technology into your lessons. It’s obvious that you are an example of an experienced educator who continues to remain current, embracing new tools and looking to connect learning at school to students’ real worlds outside of school.I think it is very powerful for less experienced teachers when they see ‘veterans’ model innovative practices and continue their own learning in an attempt to improve the learning of students!

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