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Two quotes on ‘value-added’ measures of teacher quality

TweetShareSharePinClipPocketIf you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to this blog via e-mail or my RSS feed. I also am on Twitter. Thanks for visiting!Here are two quotes from Diane Ravitch’s blog regarding ‘value-added’ measures of teacher quality. The second one would make me laugh if it weren’t also so sadly true… The crux...


Should teachers be evaluated by student test scores?

Should teachers be evaluated by students’ standardized test scores? While that idea seems to make intuitive sense, my newest resource on value-added measures (VAM) highlights the rating volatility, legal issues, and other concerns that have led our most trusted assessment experts and educational research/policy organizations to vehemently advocate against evaluating teachers with student test scores: As we...


Connecting test scores to teacher evaluations: Why not?

Mike Wiser at The Quad-City Times reported today on the controversy here in Iowa around connecting student test scores to teacher evaluations (aka ‘value-added modeling’ or ‘VAM’). Last week I shared the research and prevailing opinion of scholars supporting why this should not be done. In the article, notes that ‘teacher accountability has to be be...


The lack of evidence supporting the use of student test scores to rank teachers is staggering

Jason Glass said: For a policy that practically every public school system in the nation is pursuing, the lack of evidence to support [the] effectiveness [of using student test scores to rank and evaluate teachers] is staggering. The number of high-performing education systems that use such an approach: zero. The number of peer-reviewed scientific studies...


A letter to Madysen

The letter reads: Dear Madysen, Over the last couple of months I have noticed your dedication to your drawings. You sit at your desk and at every spare moment you grab a drawing tool (pen, pencil, pencil crayon, or felt) and paper. You draw what you feel, and I love it! I need to ask...