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The passivity of students AND educators

Joe Bower said:

Because school defines learning as passive, learners come to see education as something done to them. When students are stuck in the middle of a problem, they don’t try and figure out what makes sense to do next; instead, they try to remember what they are supposed to do. If this is the premise for learning, is it any surprise that learners become less autonomous, more dependent…

photo © 2007 Bev Sykes | more info (via: Wylio)I commented:

Well said. Replace ‘learners’ with ‘educators’ and this also describes many of the people that work in our school systems. We see a great lack of inquisitiveness, self-direction, etc. from many teachers and administrators too…

We need more ‘active learners’ at all levels of our education system. What percentage of your students – and educators – are just going through the motions (“just tell me what to do”) rather than inquiring, learning, leading, and, perhaps, modeling?
Whatever percentages those are, instead of blaming individuals we need to re-examine our systems and structures that beat down the innate human learning spirit. How’s your school organization doing at that?

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