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The best school technology leadership program in the country?

Having almost finished (3 more weeks) my first full year of the PhD program through the University of Kentucky, I want to add some comments regarding my first year and general reflections on this program.
1) The cohort-based nature of the program is a huge asset. Thanks to the effective utilization of technology, my cohort spans the entire globe, but I communicate with my classmates more than many of the teachers I work with daily. Transitioning between semesters is seamless because we simply continue the flow we have consistently had throughout the program. The collaborative nature of the assignments compliments this well and we each get great exposure to other educational environments from around the world.
2) The professors are clearly interested in improvement and sustainability. There is a clear sense of improvement for the courses and the program in general. Constructive feedback is always encouraged and taken into great consideration by the faculty members.
3) The goal is ACTION. This program is interested in having a structural change on educational technology and education in general. Students will never get the sense that they are on a conveyer-belt going from one station to another with the end-result of a sheet of paper. The culture of this program promotes real leaders and real changes that can be seen and felt.
Just like Curt Rees said (above), I am also receiving nothing for my public endorsement of the program. Just want to share my personal thoughts.

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