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Still learning… Still growing…

Still learning… Still growing…

As a history major in college and former Social Studies teacher, I am aware of the racial abuses that have permeated our nation’s history and continue to be present. As a former attorney and current school law instructor, I also am cognizant of the laws and policies that perpetuate existing injustices and active harm to people of color. 
AND… AND… as a tall, White, straight, cisgender, financially secure, male professor, I must continue to confront my privilege, bias, and need to take greater action with introspection and humility.
Below are some resources that have been helpful to me in my personal journey. By themselves, they are not enough. They require context, dialogue, and action, but they are a start. Beginning next week, my summer students and I will co-create our Leadership for Social Justice class together, recognizing that none of us has all of the answers but that we all can do something. I am grateful for the willingness of others to share their leadership and resources.
Still learning… Still growing…
Some anti-racism resources that have been helpful to me in my journey
Books: Anti-racism
Books: School leadership for social justice
Books: Culturally-relevant pedagogy
Equity Literacy Institute, Gorski
Anti-racist policies and actions, Thede
How White people can join anti-racist work, Doxtdator
Here’s what we need to do tomorrow, Truss
10 steps to non-optical allyship, Harper
Five steps to propel our anti-racism work forward, Bayer
Dear White people, this is what we want you to do, Le Blanc
Attitudes and behaviors of White activists that can cause burnout in anti-racist activists of color, Gorski
Liberatory education methods and protocols, Rashad
Scaffolded anti-racism resources, Stamborski, Zimmermann, & Gregory
Engaging in community literacy with fortitude in racially divergent times, Minor & Minor
Taking action in your classroom (because good intentions, social media posts, and emoticons aren’t enough), EquityEDU
Where does the rage come from in students of color?, Truss
2020 curriculum resource guide, Black Lives Matter
Say their names, Chicago Public Schools
How to support the Black Lives Matter movement, Black Lives Matter
Uncomfortable conversations with a Black man, part 1, Acho
Anti-racism resources Padlet, Cooke
Racism interruptions, Oregon Center for Educational Equity

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