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Of course you can’t do that [SLIDE]

Of course you can’t do that [SLIDE]

Yes, that makes some sense, and I understand Barry’s relation to this in terms of legislation. My initial impression was in terms of who I am – the administrator of a school. From a teacher perspective – please try it, go for it, fail, fail big, and fail again! Woo-Hoo, let’s give it a shot! At the same time, please let you principal know what zany stuff you are experimenting with. If he/she has a problem or concern with it, check with the superintendent and maybe even the Board if necessary. These aren’t stifling steps to creativity, they are the backups you will need if/when it fails miserably and horribly. And they ARE the minds that will bring some logic into your world at times and tell you, “no, it’s not a good idea to have a student jump off the 3-story building to test the impact prevention of a physics experiment made from rubber bands and plastic straws.” Get their support of your outlandish and even crazy ideas. Some of us are less than sane ourselves when it comes to giving something that looks good a shot. If you are going to try the, “It’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission,” route, then you also need to realize that forgiveness isn’t given any easier than permission in the case of plain dumb idea. Get these people on board and make a crazy thought into a good discussion and ultimately a GREAT LEARNING OPPORTUNITY!

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