Home edreform It’s been a tough year to feel positive about Iowa education politics

It’s been a tough year to feel positive about Iowa education politics

It’s been a tough year to feel positive about Iowa education politics

The real situation is that the Iowa State Legislature should be ashamed of the failure to act in time for school budget cycles.
Interim passing of a minimal increase as proposed should be done with a rider that simply forces the issue to be continued for added increases above that number.
Net results, at the very least the schools get a base number with an increase now, better late, than this never. Two, the bill should include that rider that forces them for a bigger increase as promised before, but apparently part of this stand off at the corral forcing schools into a perilous arena of spending.
Read that as the school going forward to spend some reserve to get what they want in alleged violation of state law, but that is via unequal protection not being applied to state legislative officials derelict of legally obliged duty.
Two wrongs because no one is right? Unequal protection?
Davenport Schools Superintendent Dr. Art Tate faced some fallout from the decision.
Tate faced a possible misdemeanor charge, and the possibility of losing his job, after he told board meeting attendees he would dip into the district’s $29-million reserve fund to avoid increasing class sizes and cutting personnel. ↔ The Iowa Legislature begins the ninth week of the 2015 session the hot topic for now is education funding FAIL!

“We can respect that there are many points of view on the issue of funding for Iowa’s schools, but we can’t support or condone a school district’s decision to violate the law. If there is follow-through, there will be consequences,” said a March 10 statement from Iowa Department of Education Communications Director Staci Hupp Ballard
Ahem, Staci, why are you not lambasting the Iowa State Legislature for their immense failure instead of this one school district? Because you are chicken about your own reappointment?

Scott, I hope you can utilize some of your positive energy to get these people off dead center!
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