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Innovation, 3D roller coasters, and questioning the status quo

Innovation, 3D roller coasters, and questioning the status quo

Below are my notes from Day 1 of our Northwest Iowa TICL conference…
Tony Vincent, Learning In Hand, @tonyvincent
Question the Status Quo
Entrepreneurs are curious, creative, and fearless about experimentation – Hal Gregersen
Showing us a series of ‘life hacks’ to help us think outside the box
What does innovation mean to you? (using the Post-It Plus app to display audience responses)
Sometimes innovation means you have to stay within a box and think creatively
MyScript Calculator and PhotoMath
Use ‘-teacherspayteachers’ to exclude that site from your Google searches for teaching resources
Other places to search for resources include Pinterest, Diigo, Slideshare, YouTube, Twitter, etc.
Eric Schmidt – “the best way we’ve found to foster [innovation] at Google is to create an environment where ideas can collide in new and interesting ways, and the good ones are given resources to grow”
Plickers is an innovative tool created by an educator
Limitations can lead to innovations (e.g., using the address app to make our own dictionary / word wall)
Using Amazon book reviews with 5th grade students
Inklewriter allows students to make ‘choose your own adventure’ stories
Obvious to You, Amazing to Others video (Derek Sivers)

Sustainable Innovation: Creating a Space for Innovation to Happen
No Box Thinking chat, #nbchat
Is lack of change just implementation fidelity?
Me: If you say to a teaching staff that we’re going to try a bunch of stuff and expect most of it to fail, they’ll look at you like you’re crazy
Dane: Innovation is change with purpose. Innovation is not something that we do, it’s something that happens.
Adam Bellow: Innovation occurs at the intersection of fear and bravery
Dane: Innovation requires an innovative mindset, the removal of restrictions, the right people, and failure as an option
Rachelle Mau: Fossilized mindset = they have concrete in their shoes and they’re buying concrete for others…
Dane: growth mindset = doing things you haven’t done before, innovative mindset = thinking in ways you haven’t before (and accept them)
Two core beliefs in schools: just tell me what to do, and there is a right answer (I just have to figure out what it is) – for both student and adult learners
What does it say about us as educators that we tenaciously hang on to what we know doesn’t work?
The curse of the three Ss – sports, schedule, and staffing
How do the people around you affect your ability to be innovative?
Dane: Dreamers and grounders
Failure is an event not a destination
Learning to walk: After falling, have you ever seen a baby say, “That’s it, I’m a crawler!”
Iowa State University FLEx trailer, Pete Evans, @petemevans #ISUFLEx
I experienced a virtual roller coaster wearing Oculus Rift (very cool!)
Also present: 3D printer, Little Bits, and more!

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