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HELP NEEDED: Cutters and suicidal youth are leaving comments on my blog

One of my students in Maine’s prison for teens created this radio documentary, “Joey Interviews a Cutter,” which won a national award.
Perhaps this will help some of your adult or student readers gain some insight into the problem.http://bit.ly/9fzLwg
It’s worth noting that we had many students in the Constructionist Learning Laboratory at the Maine Youth Center who were cutters, but never a single incident in our classroom in 3+ years. Sometimes we didn’t even know a kid was a cutter until a classmate told us and reassured us that they were looking out for their peer.
Not only didn’t we have a single incident of cutting (they did that when they went back to their housing units), but we didn’t experience a single discipline problem requiring a kid to leave the classroom IN THREE YEARS. This was in a facility that averaged an emergency per day.
We had a multiage computer-rich learning environment staffed by adults who cared for the kids and would support them in the construction of personally meaningful projects five hours per day. We were able to achieve such intellectual, creative and emotional success because the Governor and state legislature freed us of all curriculum and assessment requirements.
As a result, we were able to build upon, respect and nurture the curiosity, talent, experience, passion and expertise of each individual student (all without textbooks, tests, quizzes, whiteboards or computer assisted instruction).

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