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For the purpose of

Here are a few session titles from some recent educational technology conferences:
Google Apps in the classroom
Free and easy screencasting tools
Creating a classroom website using Weebly
Edit video online for free with the YouTube editor
Classroom blogging
Google+ and Hangouts
Minecraft in the classroom
Video on the iPad
Let’s go for a (Google) Drive!
QR codes in the classroom
Creating Google Sites
Student online newspapers
Fusion tables
Digital storytelling in the elementary classroom
These are very tool-focused. I know that we only have limited space for our session titles. But somehow – in our titles, our descriptions, and, most importantly, the sessions themselves – we need to keep a primary focus on the learning purpose(s), not the tools:
Minecraft in the classroom for the purpose of ___?
Free and easy screencasting tools for the purpose of ___?
Creating Google Sites for the purpose of ___?
Classroom blogging for the purpose of ___?
Next time we plan a workshop or a conference session, can we try to make for the purpose of ___? the primary focus of our session, its title, and its description? I am pledging to do a better job of this myself. Will you join me?

[see who’s taken the pledge to focus on learning first!]

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