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Day 2 of TICL and other awesomeness

Day 2 of TICL and other awesomeness

Below are my notes from Day 2 of our Northwest Iowa TICL conference…
Tony Vincent, Learning In Hand, @tonyvincent
Powerful Projects (see all of Tony’s resources)
The best projects are connected to the real world and to students’ interests
Student ownership, authentic audience, make a difference
What’s the best project you’ve ever seen students do? What made it so good?
Adobe Voice app (free)
Psychological ownership – causes = control, intimate knowledge, time and energy – positive outcomes = responsibility, attachment, accountability, and confidence
“The Ikea effect” – We value things more when we played a part in creating it (even if it’s not perfect) – much more satisfying than somebody making it for you
Love also leads to more labor – we work harder on things we care about and in which we are interested
Harvard Business Review – “When we choose for ourselves, we are far more committed to the outcome – by a factor of five to one”
Don’t get too attached to tools – they disappear!
Apps students can use to show their knowledge
Tony is showing us a memory / tribute video for all of the tech tools we’ve lost!
The questions you ask will greatly affect the quality of the work you get
“Let’s make a dent in the universe” – Steve Jobs
How can student projects make a difference?
Educating others
Solving a problem
Calling others to action
Building something useful
Planning an event
Raising money for a purpose
Recognizing or inspiring others
Designing a better way to do something
Developing inquiry questions (get from Tony!)
Quozio, QuotesCover, Recite, and Canva allow you to post quotes or questions
Photofunia (see also top 10 tips)
Josh Ehn (@mr_ehn) & Tim Hadley (@mrhadleyhistory)
Awesomeness 101 – Tim
The truth is you’re already awesome, we’re just going to help bring it out
If you’re happy and you know it…
Awesomeness is a choice – what will you choose?
Who can I be awesome to today?
Steps to be awesome
We come up with all of these great ideas – why don’t we ask students?
If you don’t live kids, please stay home. If you love content, write a book…
Mt. Pleasant CSD (Iowa) teacher reconfigured room to favor collaboration – behavior referrals dropped in half
Genius Hour work should be authentic but not graded
Students will meet the level of expectation that you set
Read. Learn. Get Better.
Our capacity to learn these days is endless
It’s all about relationships
Daily routine: 1. Wake up 2. Be awesome 3. Go to bed
I’m not here to be average…
Awesomeness 101 – Josh
3D printing is awesome and is going to revolutionize manufacturing
Videoconferencing – ask an expert, “hey, do you have 10 minutes to talk to my class?’
The world’s best teachers are already stealing your students (online for free, live streaming or recorded video) – Periscope, Meerkat
Internet of things
Raise your hand if the phone is the #1 / #2 / #3 / #4… thing you use your smartphone for
Your smartphone is a computer, not a phone
The conversation should not be about keyboarding anymore – we’re heading toward voice dictation – typing is going to become like cursive
Embrace the smartphones – teach teachers how to use them in the classroom
LinoIt of Awesomeness

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