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Cuneiform, anyone?

Cuneiform, anyone?

Cursive. Really?!
(For what it’s worth, I have considered paying a calligrapher friend to give my daughter handwriting lessons, because she has no interest in writing neatly–but neither did I in third/fourth grade.)
There was one time when cursive was useful to me: taking the bar exam (I was in the last sitting exam in my state where it was either handwrite or bring your own typewriter). Cursive was awesome for getting more on every line and writing quickly. That’s about all I can say for it, though.
I value handwriting as a skill, for the reasons others have pointed out. For my daughter, I’d settle for something that looks more sophisticated than cuneiform. (Handwriting is not her bailiwick, but she will be able to write legibly…someday.)
Her handwriting is terrible in part because she doesn’t see the value in it and I haven’t pushed it–and she’s learning to type at the same time.
Putting in time in art and music are more valuable, I think, than handwriting drills. And it’s cruel to force overburdened teachers to take on fine motor skill work on top of everything else–often teaching computer literacy, too..

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