Home Blog Conspiracy Code Intensive Reading (reading literacy through gaming) [VIDEO]

Conspiracy Code Intensive Reading (reading literacy through gaming) [VIDEO]

I imagine that games can be effective for students to learn particular information or skills. My concern is in the details, as a previous poster mentioned.
In watching this clip I was immediately struck by the two main characters: Eddie Flash and Libby Whitetree.
Viewing from a multicultural perspective, the main characters are the characters that the designers would expect students to relate to. Both seem to represent the majority culture. Will a diverse student population connect with them?
Also, in my opinion, Eddie Flash sounds like a cool name – Flash. I would not say that about the girl’s name. Is there a reason for this? Do boys relate to superhero names, but not girls? -Or is it just a random choice the authors/designers made? What does the research say?

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