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Blame the method, not the kids (or educators)

Hi Karen,
I regularly struggle with Diane too. See, for example:
I often find myself wishing for data, evidence, or at least some support for what she’s saying. Sometimes what she says drives me crazy. She has a tendency to overgeneralize (e.g., ALL charter or virtual schools are bad) and I remain firmly convinced that her personal lack of technological proficiency significantly hinders her ability to understand the powerful learning potential of digital technologies. And, even though she’s a professor, I often feel that her grasp on the quantitative / statistical side of things isn’t very strong (perhaps because her background is as a historian).
But, all that said, she’s good for a quote now and then (like this one) so sometimes I’ll capture one of her statements for my Mind Dump category. And a lot of people feel she represents their voice so I keep her in my RSS reader. And she often leads me to policy resources that I otherwise wouldn’t find.
I’m also cognizant that many of the criticisms we might levy against Diane also apply to me (speaks in sound bites, often doesn’t back up statements, general ideas rather than specific solutions, etc.). I try my very best to avoid those things but I’ve been labeled with all of them at one time or another…
Thanks for the kind words about my writing and for being a loyal reader. I greatly appreciate your contributions (and pushback!) in this conversation/learning space.

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